Signs of Abuse

posted April 5, 2017

Abuse can take many forms and may not always be visible through obvious signs like bruising. By learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse in both perpetrators and victims, you can help protect yourself and people in your community from violence.

Physical signs of abuse in victims
Cuts, bruises, black eyes
Grip marks or signs of strangulation
Unusual patterns of injuries

Emotional/Behavioural signs of abuse in victims
Persistent fear or anxiety
Withdrawal from usual activities and social contact
Defensiveness or minimizing of perpetrator’s actions

Warning signs of an Abusive Person
Past abuse
Threats of violence or abuse
Breaking objects
Use of force during an argument
Controlling behaviour
Quick involvement
Blames others for their problems and feelings
Cruelty to animals or children
Rigid sex roles
“Jekyll and Hyde” personality
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